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Internship Program Cost

VIRTUAL (January - December)
We offer two internship program formats in both the virtual experiences as follows:
*We recommend submitting your application at least 3 months before your intended start date.

Full-time (40 hours)
Option 1: 8-12 Weeks = USD $1,100
Option 2: 16-20 Weeks = USD $1,300
Option 3: 24 Weeks = USD $1,500

Part-time (15-20 hours)
Option 1: 8-12 weeks = USD $775
Option 2: 16-20 weeks = USD $975
Option 3: 24 weeks = USD $1,175

Internship Program Cost

IN-COUNTRY (January-December)
*We recommend submitting your application at least 5 to 6 months before your intended start date.

Singapore-Europe Union
Full-time (40 hours)
3-6 months = USD $3,500

Full-time (40 hours)
3-6 months = USD $4,500

Latin America
Full-time (40 hours)
3-6 months = $3,000


• Participants are required to pay the first installment of the placement fee (USD $200) once they are accepted to the Global U Internships internship program, which includes:

-- Host company internship match
-- Coaching for host company interviews
-- Scheduling for the host company interview

• Participants are required to pay the remaining balance of the program cost to formally accept their international internship offer from the host company, which includes:

-- Visa processing assistance (if needed)
-- Pre-internship cultural activities
On-program support from the Global U Internships team
-- English-speaking supervisor who is responsible for onboarding the intern at the host organization and reviewing its company culture.
-- Additional support from the Global U Internships (as needed) should the host company choose to extend a formal job offer.
-- If your host organization chooses to offer additional benefits, our team will work with you and the company to finalize these details on your behalf.
-- International alumni network spanning various industries


• Round-trip flights (in-person internship programs)
• Visa processing costs
• Lodging, transportation, and meal expenses throughout the internship experience
• Travel insurance

If our team is unable to successfully match you to a host company, we commit to fully refunding the USD $200 placement fee. If you choose to withdraw from the process after paying your placement fee, or after receiving a host company offer, the USD $200 placement fee will be forfeited.

Host Company Partners

The companies that host Global U Interns have a keen-eye for internationalization. They are constantly looking for ways to attract international talent and find ways for collaborations across borders. All interns will be matched with an English-speaking supervisor, whose primary role is to facilitate the host company onboarding process (i.e. safety regulations, working hours, responsibilities), as well as serve as your main point of contact throughout the duration of your internship experience.


• Pell Grant Recipients for U.S. Applicants = $300
• Canada Student Grant Recipients for Canadian Applicants = $300
• Students at Minority-Institutions (HBCU, PBI, HSI, TCU, NANTI, ANNHI, AANAPISI) = $300
*Please note that discounts cannot be combined.